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Darbhanga Fort

Darbhanga Fort
Darbhanga, Bihar

Darbhanga Fort which is also known as 2nd Lal Quila Of India because of its Architectural similarities with the Red Fort in Delhi.  

adding into this Darbhanga Fort is more popularly known as Ram Bagh Fort. because it is situated in Rambagh Palace inside the fort. Rambagh campus is surrounded by walls and spreads in about 85 acres of land.

Interesting Facts About Darbhanga Fort

1) It is a symbol of Mithila Culture having great architectural works and walls. It was built up using red bricks and the walls are 1 km long and 500 meters wide. A pit was constructed around the wall within the fort. It was filled with an equal level of water in order to protect the fort and the Raj family.

2) Despite being an iconic tourist spot, very few people know that Darbhanga Fort is 9ft, higher than Lal Quila, New Delhi. During the construction, thousands of artisans were employed by a Calcutta based company to build the walls.

3) In the memory of this historic moment, the construction of Darbhanga Raj Fort was started in 1934. A company of Calcutta was contracted to build the fort.

4) The main gate of the fort is called the Sinhala, but rare scenes from architecture have been scattered. The ditch was constructed around the wall within the fort. It was filled with equal water in the trench. It was done for the protection of the fort and, in fact, the Raj family. 

To Visit 
Darbhanga Raj Fort  visit
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